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  • Welcome to AVM Enterprises – Connect with AVM:

    Honesty, integrity, customer relationships, quality products, service are the core values that were formed in 1982 by Mr. Daniel, the founder of AVM.  AVM was created by a faith driven family with aspirations for a better future. Mr. Daniel started AVM in his Chattanooga, Tennessee home.  He worked tirelessly on AVM as he wanted to…

  • Sweet Dreams, No More Bugs.

    Lying in a bed in a room with unwanted pests is a thing of nightmares. In the hotel industry, it causes rating drops and social media rants. It is truly a cause for a crisis. Since the insects reproduce rapidly and are extremely difficult to kill, purging the infestation can be a serious reoccurring nightmare.…

  • What makes or breaks the guest’s experience?

    What hotel amenity makes or breaks the guest’s experience amidst their stay? Upon first thought, one may initially think to the technology offered, the free breakfast, or perhaps even which kind of air conditioning units are used. While all are infinitely important to a guest’s experience, it is argued that one hotel feature is most…

  • Welcome to GoAVM Blog!

    In addition to supplying all of your facilities needs, we are also here to keep you up to speed with the latest trends in the Hospitality Industry & Facilities Maintenance.